Consider shopping for a Halloween costume at a thrift store before heading to buy a new one


HUMBOLDT, Calif.(KIEM)- Halloween is right around the corner, which means many are rushing to Halloween stores to find the perfect costume. Just to find out, they are overpriced, and most outfits are gone.

As you might be planning to attend a Halloween party, open the door for trick-or-treaters, or just dress up at the office, but what you should consider before heading out to buy a new costume.

“I would say get creative and make your costume. You can either use the costumes we have here or at other thrift stores or other reusable things that you can find and get creative and make your own thing instead of buying a packaged costume,” said Quinlan Grin, Merchandise Coordinator with The Hospice Shop.

This month, Humboldt Waste Management Authority released a report that characterizes the disposed waste streams from five Humboldt County cities and the county’s unincorporated areas. They found that one of the ten most preventable materials is textiles, estimated to be 2,938 tons.

“Clothing and that kind of things can not be recycled, and they should not be placed in a blue can,” said Lisa Wise, General Manager with Recology Humboldt County.

Even though many things are thrown out, many great things do end up at thrift stores and places like The Hospice Shop in Arcata aimed to help supports hospice. 

So if you are looking for a costume or simply something new to add to your wardrobe, consider shopping at a thrift store to help out a cause or a furry friend.

“I was able to find one here that was in perfect condition. It wasn’t missing anything, and it was in good quality…instead of spending 50 dollars on something he is only going to wear once,” said Alyssa Leschke, Assistant Manager with Tailwaggers Thrift Shop.

So when you head out shopping this season, consider buying something new.