Brett Watson is out as mayor of Arcata.

ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- The Arcata City Council held a special meeting on Wednesday and voted unanimously to remove Brett Watson from his position as mayor.

“This past week, information came to light regarding alleged behaviors of Councilmember Watson that negatively affected the city and some its staff members,” said Councilmember Emily Goldstein.

Goldstein continued by saying that she could not share what alleged behavior she was referring to with the public at this time.

After reading the statement, she moved that the council have a vote of no confidence for Watson which was voted unanimously to remove him as mayor, but will stay on the board as a councilmember.

Watson was not present during the meeting.

This decision comes about two months after Watson was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of cocaine.

“We have no legal ability to remove him from the city council. However, I believe we owe it to the people of Arcata to make it clear, we do not align ourselves with the actions of Councilmember Watson.”

The council elected Councilmember Stacy Atkins-Salazar to take over as mayor and Councilmember Emily Goldstein to serve as vice-mayor.

Both will serve their new roles until December 2022.

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