The First Sunday of the month means that the Humboldt Flea Market is back

ARCATA, Calif.(KIEM)- The Humboldt Flea Market was held this morning at the Arcata Community Center, as it does every First Sunday of the Month.

As the Holidays approach, the Flea Market seems to be thriving with buyers and sellers. Vendors selling holiday decorations attended today and plan to for the following month. Today, ten new vendors took part in the flea market, and every month, the amount of sellers seems to be growing.

“There are two fees the fee to have the space which goes to us, and because this is the city of Arcata, you also need a business license fee, there are two choices the day-one event, or they can get a year’s worth,” said Gigi Floyed, Vendor Coordinator with The Humboldt Flea Market.

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