Thanksgiving dinner shopping challenges you might come across


HUMBOLDT, Calif.(KIEM)- The global supply shortage continues to impact the country, including what could be on the table for dinner this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and local grocery stores are facing challenges on popular thanksgiving items. If you want to get that Thanksgiving turkey on time, it may pay off to be an early bird this time around.

“In years passed, we have got an additional shipment of turkeys, and we are not going to be getting an additional shipment of turkeys this year. What becomes available tomorrow is what will be available through Thanksgiving. And last year, we sold out the day off Thanksgiving or the day before, at both locations,” said Aaron Gottschalk, General Manager for Wildberries Marketplace.

While there are shortages for some items, local grocery stores like Wildberries, Marketplace, and Eureka Natural Foods mentioned that traditional ingredients shouldn’t be a problem to get your hands on since they made sure to order enough to prepare for the shortage.

“The latest items that we see a shortage on is pasta sauces and some beverages. Since manufacturers are having a difficult time finding glass jars,” said Graigory Fillmore, Administer Officer for Eureka Natural Foods.

You might also see a slight price increase in meat and dairy items. The blame can be pointed to inflation, high transportation expenses, labor shortages, supply chain backups, and economic trade policies.

So you might want to consider shopping early for this Thanksgiving dinner.

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