North Coast Dance is back at the Arkley Center to perform the Nutcracker

EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- North Coast Dance is thrilled to be back at the Arkley Center. After last year that they had to opt-out of a live performance and instead had to pre-record performances and sell DVDs of the Nutcracker. Along with offering streaming services this year, they have made adjustments to have a live audience.

“The changes we had to make to stay safe through covid is we had to reduce the number of dancers we had in the Nutcracker we generally have ages five and above but this year we have are level fours and above in our Nutcracker, so that’s about age twelve and above,” said Eliza Klinger, Managing Director for North Coast Dance.

North Coast Dance will be following all broadways equity standards for theater and live performances. They will require all those who attend the event for a negative covid test or proof of vaccination at the door, and a mask will be required.

They have also changed their air filters to-rated Merv 13, typically found in hospitals.

“The dancers love being backstage. I love being backstage and getting to cheer on the other dancers as they go up and they come down. And knowing that we are going to have people watching live is definitely exciting,” said Gina Grebe, Associate Education Director for North Coast Dance.

While this year they are back to performing for a live audience, the number of sales is not nearly as high as it was in 2019.

“I wish we were doing as we did in 2019; sales have been greatly impacted. I think covid has really made people very cautious about where they are going to gather, and so that’s made a big difference,” said Eliza Klinger.

They will be filling up the theater at one-third of max capacity to have enough seats to accommodate guests.

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