Check Caltrans Quickmap for information before heading out


EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- There are many ways in which the rain can make driving dangerous. Precipitation can reduce drivers’ visibility, minimize friction with the roadway surface, and obstruct lanes of traffic. It also affects traffic flow by reducing the capacity of a roadway, especially in flooding areas.

They force drivers to reduce their travel speed, delay travel times and increase the overall risk of an accident. These factors make driving on wet roads much more dangerous.

Caltrans has some suggestions for those that head out on the road during the rain and snow.

“The first one is a quickmap which is an app, but you can also access it online just by googling it, one word, quick map and its near-real-time of state highways shows you what to expect cameras, chain controls, and traffic incidents and road work and all kind of stuff like that,” said Myles Cochrane, Public Information Officer for Caltrans District 1.  

You can also call 1-800 GAS-ROAD or follow CalTrans District one on social media accounts for current road conditions.