The PG&E Corporation Foundation Announces Recipients of Grants to Support Local Climate Change Resilience Planning

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif.(KIEM)- PG&E’s program “Better Together Resilience Communities” is focused on funding organizations set to support local initiatives to build greater climate resilience in Northern and Central California. They concentrate on vulnerable organizations, have a disadvantage, and historically underserved communities.

“PG&E sees the impact of climate change every day, and we recognize that our communities across the North Coast needed resources to help compact the impact of climate change, and this is our way of helping our community with those resources,” said Deanna Contreras, Media Representative for PG&E.

Two of the four organizations selected are local organizations from Humboldt County. The Yurok Tribe and the Humboldt COAD in partnership with Blue Lake Rancheria

“.” It feels great to be one of four organizations chosen for this grant. We are very new, so we weren’t too sure how that was going to go. But PG&E saw the importance of this kind of coordination, and we are grateful they were able to see how important it is,” said  Alison Sterling Nichols, Director for the Humboldt COAD.

Each organization was awarded one hundred thousand dollars. The projects are designed to support wildfire prevention, disaster response preparation, and local emergency cooling for extreme heat events.

This will be the final year they will offer the Better Together Resilient Communities Grant Program.

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