Humboldt Bay Fire had a busy start to the year

EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- Humboldt Bay Fire had a busy start to the year. They had a water rescue two structure fires in addition to service requests totaling 50 calls for the first weekend of the year. They usually respond to about 15 calls a day.

The trends Humboldt Bay Fire is called to this time of year are weather-related, for example, slips and falls due to the rain.

In addition, they receive a large volume of calls on smoke or the smell of smoke—primarily due to a home’s heating elements that can result in a structure fire. 

Humboldt Bay Fire recommends annual inspection on chimneys before the start of the winter season, along with heaters.

“The big thing that you want to have in place if you are going to be using a heater in your home is carbon monoxide. Because if there is something wrong with a heater, it can pump on carbon monoxide. And you and your family wouldn’t be able to see, smell or taste it. And it is toxic, and it is deadly,” said Amy Segui-Conlin, Community Risk Reduction Specialist for Humboldt Bay Fire.

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