Organizations band together to help Humboldt County residents impacted by the recent winter storms

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif.(KIEM)-A few weeks have passed since the winter storms came across the North Coast, and PG&E has been working on restoring power to the remaining customers in Humboldt County who were impacted by the winter storms; 97% of those affected were in Willow Creek.

There were 15 hundred customers that were left without power for more than ten day. PG&E realize the hardships this has created, so they have partnered up with a local nonprofits to provide services.

It’s efforts to help out PG&E will assist with the distribution of 13 dump truckloads of firewood to those residents without power.

The Tri-County Independent Living Center supports customers with disabilities, independent living, and older adults. They are currently assisting those who might need electricity for their medical assistive technology.

“We are looking at the 11th to have all those customers restored, and we will be restoring customer every day in chunk . And we are still looking every morning for those opportunities to see how we can pull those even closer to the 11th,”  said Ron Richardson, PG E VP for North Coas . PG&E will continue to work with the city, county, and nonprofit partners to support the community’s needs.