DHHS has received 14-hundred calls so far this month

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif.(KIEM)- As the omicron variant spreads, covid-19 testing is on the minds of Humboldt county residents.

Many are telling Public Health leaders that they’re having trouble getting access to tests.

Today, Public Health Director Sofia Pereira said that the department’s call center had received over 14-hundred calls so far this month.

Most of the calls received lately are about questions related to covid testing.

“I think the big take-home is if you are having trouble finding supplies know that you are not alone. This is happening everywhere. But if we need to prioritize, we should really prioritize those who are sick to find out if they have covid or another cold that is certainly circulating in our community right now…Just a recognition we are not going to have enough tests to get through the omicron surge it is overwhelming all testing across the board, so we might have to prioritize in the coming weeks,” said Dr. Ian Hoffman, Public Health Officer with DHHS.

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