Kim Bergel Fights to Suppress the Cannabis Production Tax if Elected

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- Council member Kim Bergel announced her campaign for Humboldt County Board of Supervisors early this week.

As well as her commitment to the Transportation Safety Commission and community support projects, Bergel has a strong stance to help local cannabis farmers by suppressing the Cannabis Production Tax.

Because of how it’s written we have to re peel it first, thats the first step and then its going to have to be restructured. Everyone wants to pay the necessary taxes. We already pay sales tax, property tax but a flat tax for products when you have a variation throughout the year of what sales and what doesn’t sell is unacceptable,” said Drew Barber, Uplift Cannabis Co-op.

Kim Bergel says the cannabis industry has been an economic driver in the Humboldt community for years. The recent decrease of prices for cannabis has many of them struggling.

“What I want to see is our cannabis businesses be treated like any other business. Suppressing that tax giving our cannabis farmers, our legacy farmers, an opportunity to get back on their feet,” said Kim Bergel, Board of Supervisors Candidate.

If elected, Bergel said her first assignment will be to create a fairer tax.

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