Hopeful That This Year’s La Nina Will Soon Bring Us Wetter Conditions

What a January it has been weather-wise for the North Coast. From a tsunami alert to record breaking high temps this past weekend, and a shortage of usual rainfall. It is not entirely unusual however, Twenty times over the past 30 years we’ve seen January highs in the 70s and eight of the last ten years we’ve seen below normal rain and snow fall. Jeff Tonkin from the National Weather Service here in Eureka is hopeful that this year’s La Nina will soon bring us wetter conditions. ” So right now we are in a La Nina, which means for this area we typically should get one to two inches above normal precipitation for our winter. Right now we are about five inches below normal for precipitation for this winter. Because we are in a La Nina, and that’s expected to continue through the next three to four months, we are hoping that we can get back to that near normal.” Said Jeff Tonkin, National Weather Service Meteorologist in Eureka.  

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