Food for People Hosted Winter Drive-Thru Food Distribution

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- These past several months have been hard for many community members in Humboldt County. 

The increase of Covid-19 cases, winter storms and road closures have put many people on standby.

“A lot of people in the community think that Food for People just feeding homeless but probably more than 90% of the people they feed is people that are housed. If Food for People wasn’t here, they’d be homeless,” said Tom Kingshill, volunteer at Food for People.

Food for People aim to provide vital emergency food services to the sensitive population and end local hunger in Humboldt County.

They’re also committed to improve the health of the community through their 18 programs and  community partnerships.

“As always, we’re trying to eliminate hunger, take that off the table for people in Humboldt County. We really try to promote healthy eating, that’s why we have so much produce at many of our distributions. We do nutrition education and anything we can do to try to make food access easy and equitable as possible,” said Carly Robbins, Development Director, Food for People. 

Volunteers and their clients stayed at safe distances while wearing masks and gloves.

Officials also said to anyone who missed today’s event can go to and find the closest distribution center near them with many pantries all over the county.

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