Centro del Pueblo joins national movement ‘A day With out Immigrants’

EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- Humboldt County joined in on the national movement to not go to work and school and skip consumer purchases to demonstrate the essential role in immigrants’ society.

Many joined Centro del Pueblo at the Old Town gazebo to rally before marching to the Humboldt county courthouse.

“We are all here all together on a historic day; we are on a day without immigrants. Asking for the Vice President and President to keep their promises on the campaign to pass citizenship for the undocumented community,” said Brenda Perez, Community Organizer for Centro del pueblo.

Organizers set the event for one of the biggest days in sales, Valentine’s Day; consumers are expected to spend 23.9 billion dollars, which is why immigrants and supporters have opted out of making any purchases.

“The great feeling I’m having and great excitement and my appreciation to this community that took the day and didn’t take children to school and aren’t buying,” said Brenda Perez.

Centro del Pueblo stated that skipping school and work along with not making purchases will be one of many actions that they will continue to organize to fight for a way for the 11 million undocumented immigrants. 

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