California Mask Mandate lifted for those vaccinated

EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- Governor Newsom’s office announced that he plans to announce the next phase of the state’s covid-19 plan tomorrow.

But today, the state officially lifted the indoor mask mandate here in Humboldt County, 74 percent of residents are fully vaccinated, and while some might be ready to take off their masks, some are not.

“Talisman employees will be wearing their masks, and we encourage our customers to be wearing them also,” said Merry Coor, Talisman Beads Owner.

Eureka Main street recently conducted a survey asking businesses how they will be handling the new mask guidelines; 42 percent of companies responded they would not require a mask. 

While 37 percent responded they would only require masks for those unvaccinated.

“Eureka Natural Foods will be following Humboldt County’s guidance from Humboldt County Public Health, which means vaccinated individuals no longer have

to wear masks while coming into Eureka Natural Foods, but unvaccinated individuals should remain in a mask. It does apply the same to our employees,” said Graigory Fillmore, Eureka Natural Foods Administrative Officer.

While other businesses will continue to require employees to be masked regardless of vaccination status.

“We’re not requiring our customers, but we’re saying that we appreciate it if you would, and it’s recommended, and we appreciate it, and we are still giving out free masks just like we have been all along,” said Cathy Kunkler, Old Town Coffee & Chocolates Co-Owner.

Many business owners mentioned they are trusting the word of those that walk in maskless, and hope they are being honest.

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