Humboldt County Covid-19 Community level improves according to CDC

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif.(KIEM)-  Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced the state would be lifting the mask requirements for unvaccinated individuals. 

“It was time, you know, the rates were coming down. More people have been vaccinated, and some have immunity from being infected. We felt it was safe enough to go from a requirement to a strong recommendation,” said Dr. Tomas Aragon, State Public Health Officer.

The CDC has updated the covid community levels, and Humboldt County has progressed and moved down to the medium level. 

“The CDC would say that if you’re in the yellow tier, more vulnerable people have severe outcomes. Older immune-compromised unvaccinated people with chronic diseases, diabetes, etcetera should be wearing a mask,” said Dr. Tomas Aragon.

The California Department of public health is taking it a step further. They recommend everyone across California to continue to wear a mask in indoor public places, and Humboldt County public health is following their lead.

“We as public health join the state and strongly recommend that regardless of your vaccination status at public indoor spaces, that you mask,” said Sofia Pereira, Public Health Director for Humboldt County.

Officials still want to remind the unvaccinated to get vaccinated even if they have fully recovered.

“Those who have fully recovered from COVID and haven’t been vaccinated. Go and get vaccinated because that will give you a hybrid immunity, and that’s the best immunity. It’s an opportunity to protect yourself, your family, and your community,” said Dr. Tomas Aragon. 

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