EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM) Law enforcement in the Six Rivers National Forest tell us stepped up patrolling efforts are making a significant difference. Officials tell us they have been cracking down on wood poachers, catching 15 violators. During recent patrols, they’ve also managed to catch individuals with guns and drugs. They have also found illegal encampments and discovered a wanted fugitive hiding out in the forest. 

“Even though we seem few and far between. We are not. So, we’re definitely ramping up our forces here and we are out there. I want to give a shout out to the law enforcement officers on the Shasta Trinity National Forest for coming over and helping us out. We could not have done it with this magnitude without their help. So, I would like to thank them.” said Officer Chelisa Rodriguez of the Six Rivers National Forest. 

Law enforcement tell us they intend to keep up added patrols of the Six Rivers Natural Forest in order to protect the trees and to ensure the safety of visitors. 

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