MENDOCINO COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- A coalition of five environmental and fishing groups discussed plans today to sue PG&E over the Potter Valley Powerhouse Project saying it has harmed salmon and steelhead.

The groups claim the dams that have been a part of that now-defunct project are responsible for a dramatic decline in fish populations.

Although PG&E allowed its license to operate Potter Valley to expire last week and says the dams will be decommissioned the groups want the utility to take action in the interim to prevent any further harm to fish.

“PGE no longer has coverage for listed species, meaning that they can no longer harm, harass, directly, kill or injure salmon steelhead at their project site. And so what we’re doing here is pointing out the obvious or what is obvious to us that the current Fish Passage operation is functionally broken and leads to take,” said Redgie Collins, California Trout Policy Director.

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