Hambro CRV Buyback Center in Arcata has up to 2 hour waits

ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- The Hambro Recycling Center in Arcata opened its doors early this month.

Humboldt County residents are finally able to redeem California value deposits for their beverage containers for some weeks now.

“It’s been a huge learning curve. So up in Crescent City, it was a smaller area. We had still a large crowd. And in fact, coming down here, we seen a lot of the same customers from Humble from up there,” said Chris German, Manger at the CRV Center in Arcata.

Many residents are glad they no longer must make the drive up to Crescent city.

“Oh yeah. I save a lot more on gas since it’s so expensive nowadays,” said Darrell Bennett, Customer.

The Arcata CRV Buyback Center wants to remind those that might have large amounts stored at home that per day they can only bring in 100 pounds of aluminum, up to 100 pounds of plastic, and up to 1,000 of glass.

Due to many visitors per day, the Arcata Recycling Center tells us they have been recently forced to cut off the line before 5 P.M.

“Sometimes we have back-to-back lines of an hour and a half, 2 hours. So, we must shut down early, to stop taking cars in so the guys can get out of here at 5:00,” said Mike Roberts, Hambro Employee.

The Recycling Center suggests that customers come in early in the day to be guaranteed a spot in line as well as to come sorted to help speed up the process.

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