Hundreds lined up for the Spring Drive-thru Distribution hosted by Food for People

EUREKA, Calf. (KIEM)-It was a sign today that many in our community are struggling financially these days.

Long-lines of vehicles in the parking lot of Eureka’s Bayshore mall earlier as Food for People held its spring drive-thru giveaway.

Over 3-hundred people turning out for the food distribution, some lining up in their cars hours before the giveaway was scheduled to start.

The recipients all getting non-perishable staples and fresh produce. Food for People tells us they’re seeing a spike in the number of Humboldt County residents needing food assistance.

“We’re seeing more and more people come to our pantries. So, we thought we’d do one large scale distribution to try and help a whole bunch of people at once, hopefully where you are. We’ve had cars lined up since before I got here at 10:30, so there’s definitely a need out there and we’re really happy we can help,” said Carly Robbins, Food for People Director.

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