Free Bus Rides in Arcata for the month of June

ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- The city of Arcata and the Mad River Transit system will be offering free bus rides for the month of June.

City officials want more members of the community to use the public transit system more frequently.

They would like to promote the bus system to be a safe, affordable, and as a environmentally friendly way to travel.

The program is currently scheduled through June 30th; but officials are considering extending it for the month of July.

“I am specifically riding the bus due to the free month of June opportunity. I normally either walk or ride my truk around locally downtown area as I live close to downtown. But I decided today I’d spend the day cruising around the greater Arcata area and see where the bus goes and how it goes and where it could go and how I might benefit by taking public transit a lot more, not burning fossil fuels in my own individual car,” said Joanne McGarry, Resident of Arcata.

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