Honor The Land Mural Project


ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- Local artist Tamar Atik is painting a mural on the corner of 1oth and H street in Arcata she saw the blank wall as an opportunity to beautify the city and has been working on making it possible for the past year.

The artist is fully working off donations and has a 10-thousand-dollar goal, 15% of donations collected will go to The Ink People. To donate visit gofundme.com.

“It’s just a really prominent wall, you know, and I think they just really needed an uplift and I really believe in art for community and public art,” said Tamar Atik, Mural Artist.

The mission the artist hopes to get across with the mural is to bring more art, color, and light to Arcata and to encourage more community art and facilitate deeper thoughts and healing conversations about earth and our duty to take care of it.