The Bucket Calf Project for kids

CRESENT CITY, Calif.(KIEM)- For over 20 years a local farm has hosted the Bucket Calf Project for children 6 years and older.

The Alexander Family farm has worked with the Del Norte County 4 -H program every year to give kids hands-on experience in the Bucket Calf Project.

The program is currently going through its years program where children and even parents will learn basic care for cows, the production cycle, feeding and calving, and they’ll even get to watch the milking parlor in action. Each child starts by choosing a calf, most of which were born only a month before the project starts each June.

“We want them to learn where their food comes from. We want them to learn just different things that they just didn’t know about,” said Stephanie Alexandre, Owner of The Alexandre Family Farm.

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