Six Rivers Lightning Complex Fire grows above 21k acres


Willow Creek, Calif. (KIEM)- Now at 21,609 acres and 19% containment, the Six Rivers Lightning Complex Fire has become California’s 2nd largest fire in this year’s wildfire season. Firefighters have managed to secure solid containment lines around communities, but as the weather changes, so might the fire‘s behavior.

Fire Behavior Analysis, Dan Felix explains that the fire might change in the next few days as the weather shifts.

“The weather is changing a little bit today and tomorrow. Under the inversion, the fire moves pretty slowly because it doesn’t get enough free air. As we go into today, the inversion will lift or weaken earlier and we expect an uptick in fire activity.” Felix goes on to explain that, “today is a critical day to strengthen our lines to help prevent spotting over the lines.”

Many evacuation orders are still in place but two zones e 57 and e 56 b have been downgraded to warnings, allowing residents in those areas to return to their homes.

“The evacuation order was lifted on Friday, but we came back Saturday morning and it feels really great to be home. And what is very impressive to me is the work that was done to save the subdivision and the whole town really,” said Ann Keaney, a Willow Creek Resident

To check the evacuation status of your zone you can visit the Zonehaven website: