The Six River Lighting Complex Fire Jumps to 67 Percent Containment – Residents are Grateful

Willow Creek, Calif. (KIEM)- Containment of the Six Rivers Lightning Complex Fire continues to progress, today reaching 67 percent. Firefighters have worked hard to secure those containment lines that protect communities. Their efforts have been successful, with zero residential structures burned. 

“That’s a result of really good firefighting efforts from our folks, particularly on the northern half of the fire, on the Campbell Fire, where we have good containment over the vast majority of the fire,” said Kevin Osborne, a Fire Behavioral Analyst Trainee at the base camp. “When we come into a fire like this, we prioritize community protection as our number one thing. So that’s the number one priority for us when we get into a fire is to find the highest values that need the most protection. And of course, in this situation, that’s the community,” said Osborne. 

Officials urge those eager to begin the hunting season to follow road closures, as the fires containment is not yet 100 percent.

“We know hunting season is opening up soon. We know this is a place people like to bow hunt. Please follow those closure orders. It’s there for the safety of our firefighters and the public,” said Osborne. 

Residents in the area are grateful for the almost two thousand personnel currently assigned to the fire. 

Dotty Donlin, a Eureka Resident who has family in the Willow Creek area is overjoyed about the recent containment percentage. 

“I just want to thank all the firefighters from the bottom of my heart. I get to go home and I’m so grateful. Thank you.”

“We appreciate all the effort. We still have a long way to go, it seems like. All right. Yeah. Luckily, we have 2000 people. Personnel here more than last year in Monument. So it seem were a priority. Everybody here is very appreciative,” said John Sexton, a Burnt Ranch Resident.

Another Willow Creek Resident by the name of Kevin Lane says he is grateful for the firefighters that protect his home. 

“Always aware that we could be affected by having it burn towards our house as well. So we’re very thankful that the firefighters are doing the job that they’re doing to help protect the community.”

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