Guy Fieri Returns to Ferndale to Host the Homestyle Chili Cook off

Ferndale, Calif. (KIEM)- Guy Fieri hosted this year’s Humboldt County fair homestyle chili cook off. A grand prize of $1,000 and a leather recliner going to one of the lucky competing teams. Proceeds of the event this year are going to benefit the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the North Coast. 

“We’re going to have every kind of chili under the sun… we’ve got a lot of characters out there that are getting ready to to make chili,” said Guy. 

Guy describes what he looks for in a good chili…

“I think a good chili is balanced…a great balance that has good spice. It’s got to have a good texture to it. Can’t be too runny. Can’t be too thick,” said Guy. “If you’re looking for a great chili experience, that’s going to happen today.”

Participants arrived hours early to start cooking and prepare for the competition. Unique recipes and secret ingredients emerge as the morning progresses.

Mike Ross, Eureka Resident says that chili isn’t something that needs to be fancy to be good. 

“My take on a classic with my own little twist… Chili is something that I don’t think there should be a whole lot of fuss about when it’s good. You know, just enough.”

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