The Six Rivers Lightning Complex Fire Threatens Communities


Willow Creek, Calif. (KIEM)- Clouds of smoke rise near the Trinity Village area where the Six Rivers Lightning Complex fire is continuing to expand towards. Now at nearly 40 thousand acres with 64% containment, officials say that firefighters are making great progress. 

The use of defensive firing has greatly reduced the threat to the Hoopa Valley Reservation and crews are making serious efforts to protect all other communities that are currently threatened by fire. 

Public information officer assigned to the Six Rivers Lightning Complex, Daniel Ramey, explains to us with more detail, the purpose and process of defensive firing operations.

“It’s basically taking away that vegetation along the roadway, (fire crews) waited for the winds to be in alignment and to be working for us, burning towards where the approaching fire will be coming down,” said Ramey. “Basically, we’re going to be extinguishing the fire behind this burning operation, allowing this road to be extremely strong and extremely able to hold when that fire comes.”

Firefighter’s number one priority is saving the community. The structure protection task force is still in place, patrolling Trinity Village and Hawkins Bar. Some crews have even been stationed outside a home that is closest to the fire’s edge. 

Crews are prepared for the worst but are hoping to keep those strong control lines in an effort to get the fire completely contained.