New park, Including a BMX Track, will be Built in McKinleyville


McKinleyville, Calif. (KIEM)- A new park is being designed for the McKinleyville community. Funding for the project comes from a statewide park development and community revitalization grant. A total of 2.3 million dollars was previously awarded to the McKinleyville Community Services District for the park. 

Since 2018 when the McKinleyville Community Services District received the statewide grant, the park has been in the planning stages. But, now the project’s development has reached the design phase.

McKinleyville Parks and Recreation Director, Lesley Frisbee, gave us more details about the parks development. 

“So we just contracted with an engineering design firm to do the design of the park,” said Frisbee. “ It’ll be the only all inclusive playground in Mckinleyville, as well as the only BMX track in Mckinleyville. We’ve had this property undeveloped since 2012 and so it’s nice to finally get to do something with it.”

The park will be located on School Rd. a part of town that is in much need of a recreational area. 

“What we also know about that area of Mckinleyville is that it’s park-poor,” said Frisbee. “So the state of California has a standard for having a park within a half mile of every resident. And on that side of Mckinleyville, residents in those neighborhoods do not live within a half mile of a park. And so this will put a park within a half mile of all the residents on the southern end of Mckinleyville.”

The new park will include a BMX track, both basketball courts and pickleball courts, a playground, and benches. It is expected to be completed in fall of 2024.