Transportation Day is Back at Glen Paul School!

Eureka, Calif. (KIEM)- Glen Paul School had its seventh annual transportation day today. An event that allows students to have a hands-on learning experience with public and emergency vehicles. This is the first transportation day to happen in two years as the covid-19 pandemic prevented the event until now.

The event aims to introduce and familiarize students with moderate to severe disabilities with public and emergency vehicles. We spoke with the Principal of Glen Paul School, Damon Collier who is excited to have the event back.

“Really, the hope is that you know, this partnership can create community awareness for support for our students, as well as giving our students an opportunity to have a fun experience with some of these vehicles,” said Collier. “You never know when a crisis might happen that a student might need emergency vehicle support. And this gives them the opportunity to have a fun exposure and a way to explore in an environment that they’re comfortable with.”

We also spoke with Rachel Lyon, a special education teacher at Glen Paul School.

“My class is studying transportation and learning about different vehicles, and so having them all out on their school campus and being able to explore them live is a great educational opportunity,” said Lyon.

Students seem to really enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of the event.

“They just love seeing all the vehicles being able to interact not only with the operators, but some of them are able to get inside the vehicles and honk the horn like you just heard,” said Lyon.

In a collaborative effort, many community agencies donated their time and vehicles for the learning experience

“So we have a fire truck, ambulance, male carrier. We have a school bus and a city bus. A number of sheriff’s office vehicles, as well as a patrol car from EPD Pacific Towing to a tow truck and also a garbage truck doing demonstrations,” said Lyon.

Michael Davies-Hughes the Humboldt County Superintendent of Schools was also at the event.

“You can see back here we have city agencies, county agencies, state agencies, and private organizations that have come around to really benefit kids,” said Davies-Hughes. “It has an opportunity for the students to interact on a hands-on basis, and you can see how excited the students are. This morning, we also had the U.S. Coast Guard do a flyover and a helicopter. And so there was a lot of excitement around that. So, again, a reflection of the community
support for the students.”

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