Local Artist Displays Unique Work at Arts Alive!

Eureka, calif. (KIEM)- Fortuna artist Kay Hardin will be exhibiting her individually stylized pen and ink artwork at the Morris Graves Museum of Art beginning this Saturday. 

Jemima Harr, Humboldt Arts council’s executive director and museum curator assisted Hardin as they prepared the gallery for the exhibition. 

“We had the opportunity to talk with local artist Kay Hardin about her upcoming exhibition, shade, here at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. it officially opens on October 1st, and that evening will be arts alive from 6 to 9 p.m.,” Harr said. “But if you’re not able to make it to the opening and greet her, definitely come to the show, which runs through November 15th here at the museum.”

Hardin’s art stems through her photography. In her exhibition, attendees will see artwork of photos that she has taken either locally to the Humboldt area or during her travels. 

“All the pieces that you see in this show, they all begin with my own photography,” Hardin said. 

Hardin has worked numerous hours on her artwork, and though some pieces might take longer than others, she has been developing a smoother rhythm in order to finish pieces at a faster pace. 

“I used to work on just one piece of time to get it done, now I like to have a lot of pieces going at once […] take a piece, and when I get tired of working on one piece, take it down, put up another piece, work on that for a while,” Hardin said. “If you think about it as a 40-hour work week, I suppose that’s one piece per week.”

The title of Hardin’s exhibit “Shade” comes from her love of trees, which is the main subject in each of her pieces.

“You know, you have to pick out a title for every show you have and in this case, I had to think about it a while and then it came to me all of a sudden, because almost every piece in the show is about trees,” Hardin said. “I just love trees […] so it’s really a double entendre because trees make shade and since most of the show is in black and white, the shading is very important, it’s all about the shade.”

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