The Fortuna Pumpkin Patch is Back

Fortuna, calif. (KIEM)- The Fortuna pumpkin patch is back again this year with the addition of a corn maze!

A petting zoo featuring goats and baby piglets and an endless field of pumpkins are also awaiting you at the Fortuna pumpkin patch off Eel River Dr.

“This is our second year for the pumpkin patch, first year for the corn maze,” said Hannah Eisloeffel, Owner of Table Bluff Farm who runs the pumpkin patch. “My partner, farmer Nick, he macheted it all by hand.”

This weekend there is also going to be a professional pumpkin carver visiting the farm to raffle off his pumpkins. As well as Fern Mountain Eats who is going to be cooking up burgers to serve to the pumpkin patch goers.

Table Bluff Farms started the pumpkin patch in collaboration with a Fortuna landowner in an effort to bring the community and local agriculture together.

“They wanted to do something that was regenerative for the farm community, and so they conspired to build this pumpkin patch,” said Nic Pronsolino, a Table Bluff Farm employee. “The whole concept is to get kids from the Eel River Valley back onto the land, get connected with their farm, see how farms work, have fun, get dirty, see some animals and play with the piglets, maybe run in the corn maze. It’s just a whole process of bringing the farm to the community and the community to the farm,” said Pronsolino.

Through October 31 the Fortuna pumpkin patch will be open Wednesdays through Sundays, 11 A.M. to 6 P.M.

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