Good Deals Jumpstart Holiday Shopping

Eureka, calif. (KIEM)- With Halloween around the corner and Thanksgiving not too far behind, shoppers are out preparing for the holidays. Some even thinking about Christmas a whole 75 days before the festive day. Big retail sales and promotions have prompted eager shoppers to begin hunting for the best deals.

“I think it also helps to spend a little bit each month versus all at once,” said Eureka Resident Kristyn Fresz. “And the sales are pretty good… All the big retailers, Walmart, Target, Amazon, they’re hitting you pretty hard in your inbox with deals these days.”

Bernadette Casares, a previous Eureka resident, says she is hitting the stores early to save money. 

“We are doing it early to get the good deals and to get the selection,” said Casares. “With nine grandchildren, we got to budget.”

“I think I’m always thinking about Christmas shopping and I’m thinking about finding neat stuff for people all the time,” said Ben Blair, an Arcata Resident. 

“I like to thrift a lot so there’s some really cool thrift stores and vintage stores in town and I think that helps on budgeting for sure, finding things that are already made for people,” said Blair. 

It’s not a bad idea to start your holiday shopping with good early bird deals and less foot traffic in stores.

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