Start off the Spooky Season at the Macabre Cabaret

If you’re looking for a thrilling night of entertainment, Dell’Arte International, the acclaimed theater company is presenting an eerie show this weekend in Blue Lake.

A night of horror laughter and live music awaits you at the Macabre Cabaret this weekend. After two years of virtual performances, the Dell’Arte company is proud to be performing back in person. 

Jesse March the show’s MC talked to us today detailing the upcoming performance. 

“This is something that will take you outside of the realms and possibilities, of the ordinary, and into something beyond. Something eldritch. “ said March. “The theme is Lovecraft, so think tentacles. Think darkness. Think unknown horrors.”

The collection of short pieces is curated to make you laugh, cry or scream, possibly all three. 

CEO of Dell’Arte International, Alyssa Hughlett described the show as provocative. 

“All of these pieces are themed to be scary, to spook you, to provoke you, to make you laugh,” she said. 

March explained the show contains a wide range of performances. 

“There’s plastic all over the walls because there’s lots of blood involved,” said March. “Everything from mutilating other bodies to burlesque dance, to comedy, to anything under the sun that might be interesting to a person sitting in a theater.” 

They will also be serving specialty elixir cocktails to guests of drinking age. 

“This is the event to lead into the Halloween spooky season,” said Hughlett. 

The show is being performed from the 13th through the 15th with tickets available online at and a limited supply will be sold at the box office. 

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