The Goudi’ni Native American Art Gallery Opens New Exhibition

Cal Poly Humboldt’s Art Department opened a new exhibition in the Goudi’ni Native American Arts gallery. Located in the Behavioral and Social Sciences building right on campus. Gallery director, Brittany Britton shared her thoughts about this stunning exhibition.

“It’s called “Recalling From the Source”, and it is an exhibition in a very long standing series since the late 1980s, culled from the source or the Inuit Summer Arts Fest,” Britton said. “This is a chance to get a snapshot of the creative experiences and efforts in our local Indigenous communities.” 

The Goudi’ni Art gallery welcomes in students and community members to view dozens of unique and traditional artwork made by local Indigenous tribal members.

“A mix of regalia, traditional regalia, basketry, digital photos, we even have a GIF playing in the back of the gallery, painting, drawing and some ceramic pieces,” Britton said. “We have a mix of folks who are, Yurok, Karuk, Hupa, Wiyot, Mayan…Inuk; people from everywhere, basically, who call this area home today.” 

The gallery will also be hosting a community reception in Nov., so that all community members will get the chance to both view the art and meet the artists themselves. 

“We will be having a community reception for the exhibition on Saturday, November 12th, from 1 to 3 p.m. here at the gallery, all are invited to attend,” Britton said. “It’ll be a chance to meet the artists, get a chance to have a tour through the exhibition and hear more of the stories behind the artwork.”

The exhibition, “Recalling From the Source,” will be open until Nov.19th and admission is free for all. For more information you can check out the art department’s website at 

Reporting in Arcata, Skylar Gaven, Redwood News. 

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