Manila RV Park Residents Unexpectedly Evicted

MANILA, Calif. (KIEM) – Residents of an unlicensed and unpermitted RV park in Manila were served an eviction notice by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office this Wednesday. The tenants claim they were not notified of the eviction by their landlord, some finding out just days before it was to happen.

About a week ago many of the residents found out for the first time that they were to be forcibly removed from their homes Wednesday at 6:01 am. Standing in the cold and rain, many of the tenants of the RV park wait outside to be evicted from their homes.

RV Park Tenant Joe Gallina explained that the residents there are in a bad situation.

“Most people don’t have any idea where they can go and they don’t plan on leaving,” he said. “I guess that’s where forcibly removed comes in.”

Another RV Park Tenant by the name of Lynn Miller told us that he only found out this past Friday, five days before the eviction.

“Pretty overwhelming. Where do I start? What do I take? What do I leave?” said Miller.

The property owner allegedly failed to notify her more than 30 tenants of the eviction. Her tenants including her own children.

“We wouldn’t put ourselves in this position on purpose,” said Gallina

The residents plan to plead with officials for more time, explain their situation.

“I think the best case scenario at all that can happen is that they restart the eviction process for us and notify us with proper time. I mean, 15 days would be better than this,” said Gallina.

Humboldt County Sheffifs arrived around 9am with an eviction notice, but were cooperative with the uninformed residents. Conversations concluded with the eviction being in place but residents were allowed 15 days to remove their property from the area.

“He (the individual representing the property owner) stressed that he doesn’t want them in a situation where we just ask for more and more time. And I told them we just never got the time in the first place,” Gallina explained to us.

Residents and law enforcement as well as supportive services such as DHHS are currently working together to clear out the foreclosed property.

“I was kind of skeptical this morning, but it worked out,” said Gallina.

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