Voters Share Their Thoughts Post Election Day

With election day now passed, voters are now waiting for results of the Midterms. 

Charles Neher, a retired veteran residing in the Eureka area was a disappointed to find that 

“Well, I was disappointed in the fact that the republicans didn’t do as good as they thought they would,” Neher said. 

Maximiliano Gambin who resides in the outskirts of Eureka had a fairly easy process when it came to voting. He and his family all voted together and made sure to drop off their ballots at the closest dropbox. 

Gambin also touched on a certain proposition that has been on the California Ballots for a third time in a row.

“29 is really important because that’s such an important medical procedure for so many people that they need to get it regularly,” Gambin said. “The idea of making it harder for people to have access to that is a little concerning for me, that was probably one of the ones i felt most passionately about.”

Jim Carole, an Ohio resident who is visiting the pacific northwest, shared his thoughts about yesterday’s election and what he fears could happen in his home state. 

“I fear republicans could take over again. I still have hope democrats could still come back and maintain control of the senate,” Carole said. “Maybe they’ll get together and start working for us instead of division.”

And even with the Humboldt rain pouring, it seemed to be a great turn out at the polls according to Westhaven resident, Wendy Rowan.  

“I think my initial reaction is that I’m pleased, I have more faith in my fellow citizens,” Rowan said. “I was really delighted to see that voter turnout, and I was really glad to see so many young people turning out to vote because it’s their future and they need to claim it.”

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