Shedding Light on Rio Dell Residents in Need

Father Chad (left) with his son Jaxon (right) in front of the taped off and completely damaged wall in the front of their house in Rio Dell, CA.
Father Chad (left) with his son Jaxon (right) in front of the taped off and completely damaged wall in the front of their house in Rio Dell, CA.

Many residents of Rio Dell remain indebted to the damages caused by the December 20th 6.4 Earthquake. When insurance and national lack, community steps in. GoFundMe has become a beacon of hope for many of these individuals as their holidays became less relaxing and more taxing.

“It’s just been very jarring,” Rio Dell resident, Facility Turcott, said. “Especially the over 4-point magnitude ones. Every time those came through, it was just like a little panic attack that set in. [It had me] thinking ‘Oh we’re going through this again’.”

Felicity has received over $1,560 in support so far and has already used the donations to purchase a new hot water gas tank.

Her neighbors Jamie and Ben Cohoon, best known for their small local business Ewe So Dirty,   have suffered the worst of it, she said. As the earthquake came soon after the couple had already lost 30 acres of their property from the Dixie Fire exactly one year ago.

“Their house fell off of their foundation and their chimney came off their wall,” Felicity said. “And they’re looking at about $40,000 to repair their house.”

Jessie Dunbar, daughter of the Cohoons, set up the GoFundMe for them. The two already received $12,965 in donations.

Three other Rio Dell families have been looking for support too. The Mosher family started a GoFundMe for Muin Vasinthascha and Guy Talpai, whose house was yellow ticketed on Christmas, making their home uninhabitable until repairs can be done.

Rachel and Chad, with their 10-year-old son Jaxon completely lost the front wall of their house in a single repair that could cost over $10,000 alone.

Many more community members existed that we could not cover but also require our support to get through the new year. We encourage viewers to go out, look at the neighbors around you, and to extend the holiday spirit of giving to them. For in giving is when we truly receive.

This has been Matthew Taylor with Redwood News.

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