A Young Couple in Crescent City Lost their RV due to Severe Winter Weather

Couples RV flipped on its side due to powerful winds last week.

It’s tough going tonight for a couple in Crescent City who may embody the weather worries many of us are experiencing.They were inside their RV home when powerful winds knocked it right over.

On the morning of Jan. 4th Trista and Dave Brown noticed their RV shifting with the wind. They took precautions and adjusted their stilts outside just minutes before a powerful gust of wind flipped their home on its side while they and their two dogs were still inside.

“We were inside making breakfast together and then all of a sudden we were sitting there and we felt everything start to shake, it was to that level of where it’s like, this is something we need to evacuate now,” Trista said. 

More than a week has gone by and the couple is still in shock by how everyone was able to survive this catastrophic event.

“I don’t know how we survived because we did the math on where we were and we were all just in the perfect little pocket,” Dave said.

Community members at the Lighthouse Cove RV Park where the couple resided, quickly came to help with first responders following right behind. 

“There was a gentleman who came out, we just started screaming for help from our RV cause we were hoping for anybody to hear us, we figured it was loud, someone saw us, but it seemed like he was there immediately […] and then i saw a woman coming from her RV running towards us, and she looked like she was already on the phone calling 911,” Trista said. “There was sewage spraying everywhere on the ground, there was water everywhere from the wind and the rain and there were electrical cords out and so they risked their lives getting up there just to pull us out and save us […] I’m thankful because the amount of times I thought that he shouldn’t be alive right now and it should be widow.”

With additional assistance from the Red Cross– they were able to stay in a hotel for a couple of days and are now staying in temporary housing– but with little to no help from their insurance company. 

“We have received no information, no aid, nothing from our insurance company; not one thing has been given,” Dave said.

Their RV is still on its side in the rain; they’ve called multiple towing companies within their insurance radius to help upright the vehicle, with one local company in their area refusing to offer their services.

Luckily a towing company in Brookings, OR is willing to help once weather conditions have calmed down.

For now the couple is trying to heal as the days go by, possibly having to say goodbye to a place they once called home.

“For us, it was more than a home. you know, just cause it was rolling doesn’t mean it wasn’t home for us,” Trista and Dave Brown said. “It’s just still there lying on its side and we just don’t have closure from this yet, because the tragedy and the disaster is still evident, it’s still there.” 

To support them visit their GoFundMe page: www.gofund.me/c7c5966a

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