Celebrate Black Liberation Month this Year with Black Humboldt


ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM) February marks what many know as Black History Month, but recent re-framing of the annual celebration gives it a more accurate name, Black Liberation Month. 

“Black History Month sometimes makes your brain immediately go to the past,” said Mo Harper-Desir (right), a Volunteer Coordinator at the local non-profit Black Humboldt. “The point of liberation and rebranding is to remind folks that there are still black folks doing greatness and doing great things every day.”

The shift towards the term liberation allows for a more encompassing narrative of U.S. history.  

“Black History Month also makes it seem as if black history is somehow separate from your everyday white U.S. history, which it’s not,” said Harper-Desir. “This country wouldn’t have even existed if it weren’t for the struggles and the triumphs of black folks.”

Black Humboldt will be celebrating with a number of events this month, one being the Black Hall Marketplace hosted by Mother’s Cooking out of Northtown Coffee. 

Alby Alawoya (left) the owner and operator of Mother’s Cooking said she started the market to provide a centralized place where black and brown businesses can sell their products and celebrate together. 

The next Black Hall Market will be this Sunday, Feb. 12th, from 10 am to 3 pm at Northtown Coffee. 

“We chose to do it on Sunday because Sunday, historically for black families, has been the day of celebration, of camaraderie, of coming together,” said Alawoya. “So we felt like it was a perfect opportunity for us to all bring everyone together over food, family, and community and celebrate black liberation together.”

Many more exciting events can be found on Black Humboldt’s website and social media pages.

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