The League of Everyday People is Gearing Up for their Annual Musical Youth Fundraiser


Music is a creative way for people to express themselves, especially the youth.

The League of Everyday People is a local non-profit organization that began in 2021, ever since, they’ve been working to help bring the love of music, art, and culture to local kids!

“Our mission is to bring music into the lives of the youth by giving out musical youth scholarship programs where we will award youth instruments and lessons of music,” President of League of Everyday People, Serg Mihaylo said. 

The organization came to be when Mihaylo and other local musicians came together and decided to help kids who can’t afford everything that comes with learning an instrument. 

“We’re lifelong music students ourselves, and we have helped along the way–so growing up, we had people that would help us with instruments,” Vice President of League of Everyday People, Tanasa Daniel said. “We thought since music and art is getting cut from a lot of school programs, and especially since covid, we thought that it’s a really good outlet for kids to have and they shouldn’t be barred because they can’t afford music.”

The League of Everyday People covers the costs of everything a child needs to start playing an instrument–even the instrument! Northtown Coffee in Arcata, which is owned by Mihaylo, is their donation drop off center where anyone can drop off unused instruments. 

“Any instruments they’re not using they can drop them off and then we will fix them up and get them to kids in need,” Daniel said. “Also money donations help them out with paying for the lessons for kids.”

Everyday People partners with local music companies that help refurbish instruments. 

“I know a lot of the time and so it’s become very sentimental to people, especially as they pass on, as they get older,” Mihaylo said. “This is the best way in our opinion, you can make some impact with those instruments that are sitting around collecting dust and they have sentimental value.”

On March 31st their annual Musical Youth Fundraiser will be held at the Historic Eagle House. This is their biggest fundraiser event, and donations will go towards their goal of at least 50 scholarships for children who have a passion for music.

“This is going to be our big fundraiser where we’re trying to raise money and there’s going to be an art show,and it’s going to be a great cause that we love.everybody come down”

Not only will this event have well known local artists performing–but a very special band headlining.

“So we sponsor an entire band of ten year olds,” Daniel said. “We give the drummer a drum set, bass, guitar and vocals […] they’re going to be playing their very first show, headlining–they’re called the Burning Alpacas.”

If you can’t make it on the 31st, the organization will also be at the Fieldbrook Market and Eatery for their pints for nonprofits event held on March 18th –which will also go toward youth scholarships.

For more information on donations and/or scholarship applications–visit

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