The Humboldt Botanical Gardens Hosts Annual Plant Sale: May 5th & 6th

Flyer for annual Humboldt Botanical Gardens Plant Sale.

It’s a weekend that the community looks forward to every Spring.

At the Humboldt Botanical Gardens–volunteers and employees have been propagating plants and flowers since last Fall for this event.

With May just around the corner, they are eager to show off their hard work and the beauty that these gardens have to offer. 

“Now we’re a week away from the plant sale and we’re just making sure we’ve got price tags and labels on everything, a little deadheading to make sure it all looks as good as it can look,” Marta Williams, one of the main gardeners said. 

The botanical gardens have been hosting their plant sale for about 10 years. It’s one of their biggest fundraisers to help with maintenance, projects, and their volunteers. 

They have a wonderful selection of plants, and compared to last year–their native plants have increased!

“We have over 150 varieties of various plant plants, perennials, shrubs, roses and trees.pretty much, I think everything you can think of,” Tammy Petitjean, the Manager of Volunteer Services at the gardens said.

The non-profit botanical gardens have been around since the early 90s. They wouldn’t be where they are now, without the help of so many passionate volunteers and gardeners. 

“We wouldn’t have this if it weren’t for our volunteers and they do it with love, you know?” Petitjean said. “They do it with love, they’re faithful to it, they believe in it so it’s a wonderful thing to be around people like that.”

It’s a very special place for many people in the community.

“This is kind of a dream job,” Williams said. “It’s good for your physical health and your mental health […] just being around the plants, being out in the fresh air, being in the beauty […] people who come here want to be here.”

“Any opportunity that we have for people to come here and visit the garden, the plant sale being one of them, is so wonderful because people will then get a chance to see just the absolute beauty, healing aspects, everything of the garden.

The sale is May 5th and May 6th. The 5th will be for members only, and the 6th is open to the public! 

You can become a member anytime; you can call or visit their website.

Contact: (707) 442-5139


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