Summer camps for youth under Eureka Community Services


This summer the Eureka Community Services is offering four different summer camps for the youth of Humboldt County to participate in. 

“I think summer camps are a great opportunity for kids to get out there and enjoy the summer, stay busy, stay active, and really learn some new things in a different environment than a classroom,” said the coordinator of the Eureka Community Services programs Jim Thomas.

Thomas informs viewers about Camp Cooper, Camp Sequoia, Camp All Stars and the Leader in Training (L.I.T) Program being offered for local youth. According to Thomas, Camp Cooper is a free summer camp for kids ages 5 – twelve. The other camps, do require a due, however, there are possibilities for reduced prices. To learn more about qualifying for reduced prices visit

“More information can be found on the city of Eureka’s website if you follow the link through the Community Services Department’s page,” Thomas said. “You’ll be able to find more information about the camps. You can also find information on the Facebook page, Eureka Community Services or you can directly call the Adorni Center.”

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