Nou Nou’s: Humboldt’s first ramen food truck 


For the local foodies, there is a new food truck in town called Nou Nou’s serving ramen– a Japanese noodle dish. 

“I’ve always wanted a food truck, food cart,” said Jacques Mua owner and chef of Nou Nou’s. “I’ve done everything from executive chef to running restaurants and something small like this is something I’ve always wanted to do.” 

Before creating Nou Nou’s food truck, Mua was an executive chef working in Eugene, Oregon where he learned and expanded his skills. At Nou Nou’s people can expect different ramen dishes that range from chicken, beef and other toppings. Beyond ramen, Nou Nou’s has specialty plates that range from lobster and fried rice, chicken and waffles, and a customer favorite stuffed chicken wings, said Mua. 

“I’d like to get more of the Hmong food and the Hmong culture of our dishes out there for people to experience,” Mua said. “There’s not much of that around here.” 

According to Mua, cooking Japanese food is his forte. His food influences come from Asian culture. He likes to experiment with other cuisine styles like Italian and French, “it’s like a little mix of everything in my cuisine,” Mua said. Mua first opened the doors of Nou Nou’s food truck in January 2023 and hopes to continue this business as long as he can. 

“Maybe later on down the line I’ll do like a small brick and mortar,” Mua said. “But as far as the business goes, I really enjoy just having my food truck keep it in mobile and then just hittin’ the road with that, really– I love doing that.”

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