Pets killed in Cutten due to unknown green poison


Neighbors in Cutten got together to express their feelings and concerns about their pets dying after being exposed to unknown green poison. 

“In June, I held this guy when he died of poison,” said Bill Southard a neighbor in Cutten. “I don’t want anybody to experience that. What made it even worse is after Mr. Pickles left us, I had to go find my other baby dead. Please pay attention to what’s happening. Help us catch this person.”

For the past two years, residents of Excelsior Road have been seeing their pets drop dead after experiencing chronic symptoms including seizures, paralyzing, and foaming at the mouth after ingesting the green substance. Residents have found a green poison on their sidewalks leaving their pets in danger. 

In November 2022, there was a report made by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office about dogs dying. Since then, there have been over 15 pets killed in the neighborhood. There are no current suspects in this harmful act. Residents are seeking further information and have a current reward of $1,000 for anyone that can help support their case. 

“I’m a part of a huge neighborhood here along with George and Marina and then Mary, who is not present today but we all lost our dogs within like a week of each other,” Eloise Bowie said.

Through this tragic circle of events, the neighbors have formed a community within each other to help support one another and keep in contact about updates on this situation. If people would like to connect with them or have experienced something similar they are encouraged to join the “Stop the Poisoning of Pets on Excelsior” group on Facebook. 

“I am here in support of all the pet owners,” said neighbor Carla Howe. “I can only speak for myself but just the climate of fear that is here– but it’s also balanced by wonderful neighbors. On one hand, we have wonderful neighbors, we’re all living in fear, and if there’s anything anyone can do if you know anything, say something.” 

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