North Coast Weather Forecast: Wednesday, September 13th

For the rest of our Wednesday, we are looking to have mostly clear skies for the region with warmer overnight lows. Temperatures will drop to the 50s and winds will be on the calm side. Some areas along the coast could experience patchy fog in the late night hours. For our Thursday, we are going to have a hot day for the region. Highs are looking to be in the 70s through 100s again. Winds will remain on the calm side, so we could still have widespread haze and smoke for the region from active wild fires. We could have some opportunity for steam to rise from Humboldt bay for surround cities around this area, so we could have a bit of a cool down, which could blanket a majority of the cities. Or we could have a very hot day. After our reminder of summer temperatures, we will continue to cool down for the region, eventually dropping back to the mid 80s by next Tuesday for inland cities and the upper 50s by Wednesday for coastal cities. A mix of sun and clouds can be expected for the coast line areas, while mostly sunny skies will continue to be the case for the inland areas.

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