Kreis out as Humboldt Superior Court Judge

Censure and bar as a "result of multiple acts of misconduct"


Gregory Kreis has resigned from his position as Humboldt County Superior Court Judge.

According to the California Commission on Judicial Performance, Kreis agreed to the resignation and a public censure.

The censure means Kreis may not serve as a judicial officer in the state of California from this day forward.

The commission issued a censure and bar to Kreis as a result of “multiple acts of misconduct.”

They cite 44 cases over which he presided where he failed to disclose relationships with people involved in the cases.

The commission also factored in the judge’s “sexual misconduct with a female acquaintance.”

This afternoon, the court said Judge Kelly Neel will be the presiding judge over the superior court. 

Visiting judicial officers will fill former Judge Kreis’ spot until Judge-Elect April Van Dyke takes office in January.

Read the Commission on Judicial Performance’s news release here