Beloved restaurant Slice of Humboldt Pie moves to a new Arcata home


Slice of Humboldt Pie has been a dessert staple for the Arcata community since 2013.

Over the past decade, it’s been selling sweet treats and savory hand pies from the Bittersweet location on J Street alongside The Local Cider Bar. Now, the beloved pie place is moving out of Bittersweet with their last day at their former location being June 15th.

“Slice of Humboldt Pie’s moving to a new location. Because literally in the first year, we outgrew our space. And this is just going to give us a chance to offer a fuller experience for our guests,” Slice of Humboldt Pie’s co-owner Amber Saba said.  

Owners Saba and Kristen “P-Nut” Thompson already owned a bigger spot, Arcada, on K Street. The barcade (bar arcade) opened right before the pandemic in 2020 and struggled before closing for good last October.

“It was obviously very sad to dismantle the arcade, but what it gave us was the knowledge and working space,” Saba said. “So we know how the kitchen runs, how the lobby runs. It gave us a good jumping off point for what we’re going to do here.”

The space is remodeled from the inside out with new wood floors, tables, and an outdoor patio area. The move also offers an expansion for the menu.

“We’re having a larger portion, so you’ll get a larger hand pie, a bigger experience, a fuller meal, and tons of new flavors that we’re working on, an expanded salad bar, new dressings, so you can have a full meal while you’re here.” 

And those wondering if they can still have a drink with their pie, don’t worry as the new location will have beer and cider on tap along with wine.

“The experience is going to be a little different. I mean, the good news is that you can get your alcohol and your pies in the same transaction. It’s not two separate vendors, but we will have all the same offerings and even more so. So you’ll still get to have cider and wine and a nice savory pie.”

The new location also allowed them to expand their day and time of operations. From Tuesday to Sunday, Slice of Humboldt Pie will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Though no concrete date has been set for opening, Saba and Thompson hope to open by July 1st.