Truck Engulfed in Flames On 101


Around seven-thirty this morning, a car was reported to be engulfed in flames on Highway 101, just before the Indianola cutoff. Traffic was backed up traveling Northbound.

First responders arrived at the scene around ten minutes later. California Highway Patrol, Humboldt Bay fire, and Eureka County’s Sheriff had closed off the scene while Humboldt Bay Fire extinguished the flames.

The whole ordeal took about twenty minutes in total, from receiving the call to getting traffic going again.

The vehicle was a truck that had been abandoned by the side of the highway.

¬†CHP Captain Commander Larry Depee says there were reports another vehicle was witnessed leaving the scene.”

Captain Depee speculated that there was a mechanical issue with the vehicle before it was abandoned, and whoever had been driving was picked up by another vehicle.

They are now looking into the owner of the truck and why it was abandoned.