Wings aflutter, fairies flock to the Plaza for the Arcata Fairy Festival


The magic of Humboldt came alive as fairies and other mystical creatures gathered at the Plaza in Arcata to celebrate the Fairy Festival. Redwood News reporter Savana Robinson joined in on the fun as a lavender fairy.

The festival offered dozens of vendors as well as a few food options. Maylin On, a fairy with black wings, told Redwood News about her plans for the festival.

“We’re just gonna walk around and get food, see all the vendors, enjoy the vibe,” On said.

And lots of wings were on display. Holly James, a monarch butterfly, spoke about the joy of the Fairy Festival

“I am enjoying the lovely fairy festival with my friends. Today I came dressed as a monarch and it’s just been really fun,” James said. “I’ve gotten a lot of good goodies. I love how many people come in costumes. And I love how many stalls are here to just amp up this good energy. It’s a great, wholesome community event.”

“It’s been really cool walking around seeing all the awesome costumes. I feel like this is giving a little bit more like goth fairy,” On said about her getup.

The Arcata Fairy Festival is a free event and all fairies and magical creatures are welcome to join in on the festivities.

With the wind in their wings, the fairies had a magical day in Humboldt County.