Redwood Acres fair is back for 2024


The annual fair at Redwood Acres kicked off today.

It’s one of Humboldt’s favorites, and it’s back this summer with food, rides, and animals.

We spoke to Mic Multon, the CEO of Redwood Acres. 

“This fair is just really fun. We get so much community support here, and we really do with all of our events. But this is the big one for the year. You know, I grew up here, and I grew up coming to this fair. We’ve got pig races going on. We’ve got other wild animal exhibits. We’ve got a couple classes of star car racing, and our world famous down and dirty Hillbilly boat race, which, if you haven’t seen it, you’re really missing out. It’s a great time”, he said

“We’ve got a lot of fun stuff this year. Of course, our junior livestock auction is a great time. you get to see the kids’ animal projects and what they’ve worked on all year. But we’ve got all kinds of just fun stuff”, said Multon. 

Not to mention plenty of games to play, as well as familiar faces from years past.

“It’s nice to get to talk to people and meet people, and plus, I’m from here, so I know a lot of people, so it’s real nice and just basically just selling my game and talking to people all day,” said Eric Graves, carnival attendant. 

“This is the one I grew up going to. My mom lives down the street, and I grew up coming to this one since I was a little kid. So this is the one we always hung out at”, Graves said. 

We spoke to the owner of Fry Burger, a local food truck with a one of kind burger. 

They tour the fair circuit during the summer.

“So we have favorites, of course, and we go clear down to LA and clear up to Klamath Falls, Oregon. So we’ve got about a 16 hour differential in our furthest fairs”, says Trevyn Mullins, owner of Fry Burger. 

“So it’s not your ordinary burger with deep fry, the hamburger patty, and the cheese. It’s such an honor to hear it’s the best burger somebody’s ever had because people eat so many burgers, it seems like ‘No way’, But when you take a bite, you’ll know it’s your favorite burger”, he said.

The fair charges $15 entry and will be from noon to midnight until Sunday.